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Introduction to the Universe. . .

April 16, 2007

I’m not just ready to introduce myself formally here. If you are really that curious, you can check out who I was around the Autumn of last year. I am not so different today, perhaps with a slightly different perspective, and it was still a couple of months before I started tossing around the phrase New Era.

In the meantime, I thought I’d introduce you to the Universe.

My perspective has definitely shifted, certainly over the past few years and definitely since October. This view we get in the Hubble video, might have left me feeling very small at one point. Insignificant. A human molecule on a space-bound speck of dust. Now? Not so much.

In fact, I feel huge.

Yes, it turns out Einstein was right about the nature of the universe. It also appears we may know even more about the fabric and nature of the universe than even Einstein suspected. But still I don’t feel any more finite.

I feel huge because the more I read, consider and meditate on the interconnectedness between each and every one of us, and our relationship to everything in the universe, you start realizing just how big you are. Jaw-droppingly so. Awe-inspiringly so. Humbly so.

It also gives one a deeper sense of the Mayan greeting, In Lak’ech. Because after all, when one takes on an expansive, inclusive perspective, you begin to realize I am just another you.

When I first watched this video of Hubble images, and the narrator spoke of pointing the telescope at a “rather unremarkable patch of sky”, the first thing that came to mind was my shallow understanding of the Heisenberg Principle. I began to wonder, did we somehow give rise to a place we could never have previously imagined? Another us? Or did we change it? And if so, at this juncture in our evolution, was that always the way it was intended to be?

This is place where the fabric of my understanding and ability to even conceive of these things start unravelling at an ever-increasing rate. Furthermore, I start losing a sense of the direction of where this posting goes, and it begins to decay hopelessly into stream-of-consciousness. . .

So I’ll bookend this piece with one last video that ties into the first in a number of ways. I won’t count them, I’ll leave it for you to figure out.

This video of Roger Waters’ most recent song, Hello, I Love You has kind of left me haunted. It took me a while to figure out whether I even liked it. Turns out that I do. The lyrics fascinate me, and not just for the numerous references to Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall or any other possible Pink Floyd references. It has more to do with the perspective I suspect that Waters has at this point in his life, with three children and on the threshold of something. . . I wonder. Could there somehow be an “observer principle” at work in different phases in our lives?

I AM beginning to slip into a stream-of-consciousness. But what is starting to get to me is that I am seeing the threads of thought begin to take shape and connect into other ideas still gestating in my mind. But that is still to come. . .

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