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The Joy and Impermanence of Life: Six Feet Under

April 17, 2007

With the focus squarely set upon the tragedy of events current and less so, I got to thinking about the closing moments of the show Six Feet Under. Particularly the brilliant use of Sia‘s song Breathe Me, and the way the entire show was brilliantly, life affirmingly brought to a close.

This clip does contain some spoilers, and may not make as much sense if you aren’t familiar with the show, it’s premise or characters, but there is still significant dramatic power in these closing few minutes.

Furthermore, to me it’s a beautiful and positive reminder of how death is, a part of life. Rather than the deeply heavy dose of darkness that the media manages to administer each time we turn on the news to be “informed”. Death happens to all of us, and it keeps life extraordinary.

What is a healthier fear to have? Fear of not living one’s life to the fullest or fear of death?

You tell me.

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