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TED Wednesday: Sir Ken Robinson on Education

June 6, 2007

The Technology, Entertainment and Design website is a repository of great ideas from some of the most exciting thinkers. . . True leaders in this world. If you aren’t following the TED website, you are missing out on some of the best ideas in the world!

Sir Ken Robinson

Case in point, is the first talk coming from Sir Ken Robinson, creativity expert from the United Kingdom.

American children are being failed by their education system, but of course, they aren’t the only ones in the world who could be better served. In a market-based, consumerist economy there is a certain role individuals are being groomed for, otherwise those individuals are left to find their own way. And is this really the best way for a nation to thrive and grow? I don’t think so. Especially when you consider the coming challenges that lie ahead for humanity, and the role as Global Citizens that we are increasingly expected to play.

It’s with grace and wit that Sir Ken Robinson addresses these issues head-on. He deals with them with a sense of collective responsibilty, challenging us with the belief that we can all do better.

Until WordPress allows for embeding from a more diverse list of video sources, you’ll have to click the link to download or view his talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” His talk will not only make you wonder how our children’s education might be better, but will leave you wondering how your own education might have been more successful.



It’s also worth noting that a documentary on the TED conference called “TED: The Future We Will Create” was released just yesterday and is available for rent on Netflix. Additionally, you can click here for further screening information or an opportunity for non-Netflix subscribers to receive a two week free trial!

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