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TED Wednesday: Gregory Colbert on his 21st Century Bestiary

June 20, 2007

From Ashes & Snow by Gregory Colbert

This week’s TED Talk is a rare presentation from Canadian artist Gregory Colbert, creator of the traveling multi-media show, Ashes and Snow. The talk accompanies eight minutes of footage from the show, which are most definitely the highlight of the the piece.

Colbert discusses the concept behind the work as a “21st Century Bestiary”, his efforts to support animal rights through the his Animal Copyright Foundation, and the opportunities we have to support the needs, rights and welfare of the planet’s under-represented residents.

I highly recommend checking out this week’s TED Talk for the beauty of Colbert’s work (powerful imagery created without any sort of digital manipulation or CG effects) and the elegant simplicity behind the ideas at work in the piece.

If you have a chance to experience the Colbert’s traveling exhibition, I highly recommend taking it in. Humanity these days seems to have such a powerful need to equate spiritual experiences with a particular faith, book or dogma, and therefore it’s unusual to have a collective experience such as this which aspires toward ideas of spirit, beauty and the nature of god that are truly democratic in nature. Ashes and Snow is just that kind of experience.

* * * *

As a reminder, don’t forget the documentary on the TED conference called “TED: The Future We Will Create” available for rent on Netflix. Additionally, you can click here for further screening information or an opportunity for non-Netflix subscribers to receive a two week free trial!

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