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Process, Process, Process or Getting the Short Film Made

September 11, 2007

A few of Coppola's trinketsOkay, okay I’ll just tell you right off the bat, that sure I’d like to one day win one of those little sculptures. I’ve been priveledged to hold a couple of them, but really, to get into the business for aspirations of grandeur and glory is sheer madness. In fact, I would be in truly esteemed company if I never won an Academy Award.

A boy can dream, can’t he?

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself the methodical type. I tend to pull ideas out of the ether and see where they take me. However, when I get to the point where I have latched onto an idea, I become very much about process.

Now mind you, process for me is not something that is affixed to a specific method, but rather a journey of discovery. During that process, ideas reveal other ideas, challenges and solutions. Setting those things down, I allow myself to be free from hanging onto the ideas, so that new ideas may come into play. I am one of those people who keeps lots and lots of notebooks. Both handwritten and electronic. To a certain extent it is both an organic process, as well as a practical one. I don’t like to retain ideas because, I want to make room for new ideas. However, I always want to have the record of those ideas.

My process of goal-setting and achieving is an ongoing one. I’ve pretty well outlined the grand scheme of those goals previously, so in this entry I’m going to get a bit more into some of the specifics behind my short film, Dad’s Day.

I think ultimately any filmmaker has to answer the question of why to pursue a project to completion. This is especially important considering the fact that short films are largely considered to be profitless endeavors in a business that thrives upon profit. I can live with that. They ultimately need to be there for some other reason.

  • It’s a project that gives rise to other opportunities.
  • It’s “practice”.
  • It’s exposure.
  • It’s a story that needs to be told.

My plans for Dad’s Day fulfill all of those requirements. I have two screenplays currently underway, and since I have a voracious appetite for my work, I have enough ideas to keep me busy for quite sometime.

Ultimately the two reasons that I am mounting this endeavor, and the reasons why anyone should want to get on board this project are for the exposure and the story…

Dad’s Day is a project that I want to mount on a large scale, even for a short film. This isn’t one to shoot and have it put on a reel. This is one that I want to see through to getting it blown to 35mm, and entered and marketed to film festivals, cable channels, niche markets, etc. Furthermore, I am confident enough to believe that it has a shot at an Oscar. It’s a strong script that has emotional appeal on numerous levels, and it is the kind of project that one way or another deserves to see a significant level of support. I’d believe that whether or not I was the Writer/Director.

Most importantly, Dad’s Day is a story that needs to be told. I’ll be revealing the story before too long but in the meantime, I’ll simply say that this is the story of the relationship between a young boy, his mother and his absent father. I lived the story so it’s certainly one of my stories to tell, but needless to say in this day and age, there are far too many kids who could tell the same story. Hopefully by telling the story in this cinematic way, maybe there will be a couple more kids that won’t have to tell the story.

In this part of my process, I’ve found some fantastic people who have already committed to bringing the film to life. There is still much homework left for me to do, and I am still looking to find a Producer to partner with, but that isn’t far off.

So at this point I’m throwing my energy and ideas out there to the interested, the curious, and to the universe to get this thing made. I’d love to hear from other filmmakers both accomplished and aspiring. Folks out there who are involved in the business both directly and indirectly. Ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What would you do to get your short made? Who would you go to? What would it take you to become involved?

I’m in this to the end, to see it get made and seen. And I’ll be here to further detail my process as time moves on…

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