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Ever On. Dan Fogelberg 1951-2007

December 18, 2007

Singer/Songwriter Dan Fogelberg photograph by Jean Fogelberg

There come along those losses in your life, when the artists that informed your childhood pass on to the next life, and leave a tug at the pit of your stomach. The recent loss of Dan Fogelberg has done that for me.

And it really doesn’t seem like you know whose loss will resonate most until they are gone. Dan was fifty-six years of age. In such a short life, and career that spanned over 30 years, he gave us a wealth of music and to me a childhood of warm memories. I know that for both my mother and I, we feel this loss sharply.

Songs such as Leader of the Band, Run for the Roses and Same Old Lang Syne will be remembered by many, but songs like Nether Lands and Scarecrow’s Dream will leave me with some of my fondest memories.

For those who would share in those memories and wanting to share thoughts of tribute, has posted the following link:

And in remembrance of Dan and the music he left us, I offer the lyrics of one of Dan’s simplest and finest. . .

Ever On


May the trail rise up to meet you
May your heart rejoice in song
May the skies be fair above you
As you journey ever on
Ever on–ever on
Ever on–ever on

And in this planetary circle
We are but a single stone
Spinning on our fragile axis
Through the endless night alone
Ever on–ever on
Ever on–ever on
Ever on

May your love be there to guide us
May it always keep us strong
May we walk within your footsteps
As you lead us ever on
Ever on–ever on
Ever on–ever on
Ever on–ever on
Ever on–ever on
Ever on

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  1. Brad N. permalink
    August 13, 2008 11:33 am

    I loved the music of Dan Fogelberg while attending college at Colorado State in the 1970s, both from the passionate side, and the “rocking” side, but it was the power and occasional fierceness found within The Wild Places album that speaks to me lately. Yesterday, I replayed that album several times and thought of my high altitude Wyoming and Colorado memories.

    The amazing thing, though, is that I was drawn back to view photos of Dan and Jean today on the web page today, having no “logical” awareness that August 13th IS Dan’s birthday. I’m sitting here, still just a little awestruck and stunned.

    So, thoughts of course now turn to Jean, on this, the hardest day for her. To you, I would say, go find some peaceful spot on the beach in Maine, or a mountain meadow in CO, build a little tiny campfire if you can, (bring along anyone, or come solo)…. have a glass of merlot, feel the breezes, stair at the stars. Dan has already composed a few new verses, you know…

    Jean, thrill in the fact that your paths crossed, and that he had such a great family near and far. I am glad you shared so many fine memories with him, that he found you Jean, and that your paths crossed to allow it all to happen. And, as far as “ever on” plays out…. go forth and seek that next sunrise; you know that’s what he gave unselfishly back to you, when you are ready.

    (He already wrote that verse.)

    God bless, Brad

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