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Coming Soon: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Jumping Shark

January 5, 2008

According to Moviefone and Vanity Fair: Steven Spielberg and George Lucas won’t reveal all of their secrets about the upcoming ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ in a new Vanity Fair interview. But they do back rumors that Harrison Ford will battle creatures from another world.

“I wanted … the idea that Harrison would be 20 years older,” says Lucas. “So that put it in the mid-50s … I looked around and I said, ‘Well, maybe we shouldn’t do a ’30s serial, because now we’re in the ’50s. What is the same kind of cheesy-entertainment action movie, what was the secret B movie, of the ’50s?’’ So instead of doing a 30s Republic serial, we’re doing a B science-fiction movie from the ’50s. The ones I’m talking about are, like, ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon,’ ‘The Blob,’ ‘The Thing.'”

Be afraid. Be very afraid. . .Steven Spielberg also reveals that he was leaning towards a different script than his producing partner.

“I quite liked Frank (Darabont’s) script, but George and I had a disagreement over it, and George and I have always agreed to agree. So when we take each other’s temperatures, if I really am passionate about something, George will give in to me, and if George is really passionate about something, I’ll pretty much go his way. And in this case George was passionate that this was not the story he wanted to tell at this point in the Indiana Jones saga. And I think it’s a wonderful script.”

But there was no issue when it was time for Harrison Ford to get in front of the cameras as iconic archeologist Indiana Jones. “Harrison needed to recapture the caustic, laconic spirit of Dr. Jones, and certainly he was going to have to manage the action, and he did both of those things amazingly well, certainly far beyond what I expected,” says Spielberg.

‘Crystal Skull’ will open on a whopping 4000 screens on May 22 worldwide and also stars Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen — reprising her role as Jones’ ‘Raiders’ flame Marion Ravenwood — and Shia LaBeouf, who plays a young sidekick that many have speculated is Marion and Indy’s love child. What about that rumor?

“I wouldn’t say it’s a father-son story,” says Spielberg. “The new Indy movie is about a great quest, an amazing quest, and that’s all I’m gonna say.”My head is gonna 'splode. . .

And if that wasn’t enough, Vanity Fair also reveals viable speculation that “Crystal Skull” may be the first of a “new” trilogy which Shia LeBeouf will be taking the lead of. And if Indy IV as it sounds like it is shaping up to be isn’t the nail in the trilogy’s coffin, an Indiana LeBeouf trilogy will most certainly be.

Just wait for it: Indiana Jones Jr. and the Franchise of Doom.

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