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Eric Mofford: Friend and Colleague With a Big Month

February 22, 2008

Eric Mofford's Travelin' TrainsI’m very pleased to announce that my friend and colleague, Eric Mofford is right in the middle of some big happenings in his career.

Aside from his screenplay, Press>Play being picked up with Eric attached to direct later this year, his short film, Travelin’ Trains is being re-discovered in a big way.

“Trains” is a lovely, evocative piece centered on one man’s journey in search of his father. It’s a great example of how story is still king whether your budget is fifty thousand dollars or fifty million. Eric’s does with his film what many other talented directors have done with hands tied by budgetary limitations: focus on story and effectively use motifs, sounds and imagery that carry strong weight with viewers. Short film at its best is a noble class of filmmaking, and Eric’s film, is in itself a noble example.

In 1988, Travelin’ Trains won Best Narrative Short Film at the Big Muddy Film Festival. It was Eric’s first award as a filmmaker, and at the time Big Muddy was an established festival when the Sundance Festival was just a small festival in Park City, Utah called the USA Film Festival.

This year, in celebration of Big Muddy’s 30th Anniversary, Travelin’ Trains is to be screened as a part of a retrospective of the festival’s award winning films. Additionally, the film has been picked up for distribution by Vine Entertainment, in association with Topics Entertainment, as part of an upcoming “Festival Gems” series which will be offered both online and through retail establishments including Costco.

Eric has said, ” ‘Travelin Trains‘ is the only film that I have done which was completely my vision. I take the blame for the mistakes and the credit for the successes. I haven’t had that luxury since, I was that young man in search of the blues and my future.”

If you simply can’t wait for your opportunity to see the film, the good news is, “Trains” is available for free download via!

For the aspiring filmmaker. . .

Eric is a great source of knowledge on the practical aspects of filmmaking. He’s recently completed his first E-book, Making of a Short Film: How and Why We Made The Crux with director Jeffrey Seckendorf. The E-book is part of the film teaching and mentoring program offered through One on One Film Training.

Being offered for free from the program is: Before You Shoot – A Filmmaker’s Guide to Visual Prep. The book discusses and describes a simple, elegant system for preparing any film or video project. The book gives you an organized methodology, guiding you through each step.

Congratulations Eric on your fantastic news!

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