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What? Posting TWO weeks in a row? What’s this world coming to?

October 16, 2008

Yeah, yeah. . . Call it industrious boredom.

Trust me.  People are going to going to google this post just to find out what one far-from-industrious-blogger is doing two weeks in a row.  And then they will pinch themselves.  Like I am now.

Ouch. Stop that.  

So I made a music video with John McCain in it.  Seriously. . .

Bob McEwen as John "Maverick" McCain

Bob McEwen as John "Maverick" McCain


When I say John McCain was in it, I mean a guy by the name of Bob played John McCain. It’s all about nuance. And really, if you take a look at the video, you’ll see just how nuanced it is.  Like Marcel Proust only “Maverick-ier”.  

But here’s the deal, I am gonna be a real bastard and make you jump to my new blog for the link.  Don’t worry, I am not making you jump through hoops with no payoff.  It’s just worth doing because I talk a bit about the video.  And, I don’t sound like I am drinking.

The Payoff

Before you leave however, I should do some explainin’.  I’ve decided at this point, not to abandon Signal>Noise entirely.  It still gets hits believe it or not. Even with my industrious-ness-ness (or lack there of).  NEWSIGNAL: is a chance for me to be very specific, very focused.  

But I got to thinking, what happens if I decide to write a post like this?  Something less focused, or talking about something un-related to filmmaking?  Yeah. I’ll do that here.  It’ll be neat. And keen. And swell.

God, I talk all hip-like.  Just like the kids. . .

And finally, I am gonna do YOU a favor.  And a favor for a dope filmmaka’ who lent his mad skilz to “Don’t Vote”.  His name’s Garrett Brawith and well he did something dope with his time. Garrett directed a music video too.  It’s called “Boobie Tassels and Tangerines”.

This one’s sure to get out the vote come November 4th. Click on da rappa to score da goods. . .

So for now, this signal’s here to stay and I’ll be workin’ up some fresh content in the days to come.  In the meantime, you can always add the feed for the NEWSIGNAL: when I get around to hookin’ it up. . .

Peace, young ‘uns!



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