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Ideas on the Source of Inspiration and Genius. . .

July 7, 2009

Starting this week, I thought I would post Rod Serling’s “Writing for Television” series of conversations which were filmed toward the end of his life.  In the first part, Rod discusses with some of his students the concept of “Where Ideas Come From”.  Serling sounds both practical and mystic in this short.  Certainly, many might be tempted to argue with his perspective, however it does give one a bit more insight about the man responsible for creating The Twilight Zone.

Part I: Where Ideas Come From

Serling’s thoughts immediately reminded me of another writer’s viewpoint on the source of ideas and the nature of genius.  Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) gave an inspiring talk at the 2009 TED conference in Long Beach, CA.  Her “TED Talk” almost immediately became a web sensation.  If you haven’t heard Gilbert’s talk, and you count yourself as a writer, artist or creator, you owe it to yourself to consider her ideas. . .

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